Pixel Medium


Water-based emulsion paint for outdoor use. Made up of binders, minerals, pigments and other additives, thanks to its medium grain it helps to hide the small imperfections of the background. Its particle size structure makes it particularly suitable as a primer for plastic coatings such as PIXEL DECO .

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APPLICATION – Dilute paint with about 10% of water ( 2L for each 20L bucket). Mix thoroughly and apply with a roller or a brush on a new or already painted surface. Each coat creates a layer of thickness that helps hide defects and static micro cracks on the wall.
CONSUMPTION– Average of 4.5 to 5.5sqm of every liter of paint.
COLOR – white and pastel Pixel Paint collection. (Check the feasibility of the colors on the technical data sheet)
Store the packages whole and tightly closed in a covered, dry place with temperatures> 5C ° <35C ° and relative humidity in the air <75%. Do not expose to direct sunlight and do not stack more than 3 packs. Shelf life 365 days from the date of production.


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