Hydrosil SWB


This ready to use waterproofing solution is based on selected silicones that protects facades and stone artefacts from water and water solvent damages.

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APPLICATION – Ready to use. Apply with a brush using several coats until the substrate is completely impregnated (The product is rejected).Its hydrophobic properties are activated one week after the last coat was applied. Re-paintable after about two years of application.
CONSUMPTION– Non-determinable consumption is variable from the type of support. On exposed stone about 14 sqm / liter. On solid facing brick about 10 sqm / liter. On already painted lime / cement plaster about 8 sqm / liter.
COLOR – transparent solution
Store the packages whole and tightly closed in a covered, dry place with temperatures> 5C ° <35C ° and relative humidity in the air <75%. Do not expose to direct sunlight and do not stack more than 2 packs. Shelf life 365 days from the date of production.


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